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Pastor Mike's Book Recommendations

Our Pastor is an avid reader and recommends new books often throughout the year. Every time you see or hear a new recommendation, you can find it here with a link to where you can purchase the book.

2024 Biblical Counseling Resource List

2024 Recommended Reading

What Every Man Wishes His Father Had Told Him
2 Corinthians
Finding Mercy on the Way of Sorrow
Respectable Sins
Beholding & Becoming


Chasing Contentment
I'm Praying for You
The Gospel Primer for Christians
Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy
God Does His Best Work with Empty
Things to Pray for Your City
Surprised by Jesus
Caring for One Another
The Valley of Vision
Read This First
Transforming Prayer
A Prayer Life
The God Who Hears
Praying for Your Missionary
Trusting God
Calling on the Name of the Lord
Every Moment Holy

Christian Life Helps

One to One Bible Reading
Truest Thing about You
Gospel Treason
The Peacemakers
Instruments in the Redeemers Hands
The Dynamic Heart in Daily Life
Caring for One Another
A Small Book about a Big Problem
Anger, Anxiety, and Fear
Uprooting Anger
Messy Grace
A Gospel Primer
Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy
Christ Formed in You
Speaking Truth in Love
Book of Matthew
A Quest for More Cover


2022 Devotional
2022 Devotional Family
Daring Devotion
Rich Wounds
Anger, Calming Your Heart
Heart of the Matter
Journey to the Cross


What Did You Expect
The Meaning of Marriage
When Sinners Say _I Do_
Sacred Marriage


Parenting 14 Gospel Principles
Grace based Parenting
Shepherding a Child's Heart
Age of Opporunity
Parenting with Words of Grace
Give them grace

The Gospel in the Workplace

Every Good Endeavor
The Gospel at Work
Crazy Busy
Gospel Centered Work
A Quest for More Cover

Books of the Month 2021

Cross Talk
How People Change
Loving Messy People
Diehard Sins
Seeing with New Eyes
Parenting with Words of Grace
Made for More
Gentle and Lowly
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