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Day 16: Meditations in Anger, Patience, and Peace

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Completely Humble. Jesus lived the life that we were intended to live, but cannot live because of our sinfulness. He lived in a way that fully revealed God: 1) He used His power to benefit others even if it hurt Himself, 2) He loved others more than He would ever be loved in return, and 3) He was never angered by the disrespect heaped upon Him. He will live this way through us as we submit ourselves to Him.

He lived in humility. We cannot be sinfully angry and humble at the same time. Anger is rooted in pride. If we can expel pride, anger will follow. We are called to live in humility (Ephesians 4:1-2).

We learn the way of humility by remembering these realities: 1) We are not God. We are dependent upon God for everything. 2) We are instinctive haters. In our own wisdom we dishonor God and sin against people. As we grow in grace we discover that our sins are worse than we realize, and God's mercy is greater than we can imagine. This moves us to love others. 3) When we identify ourselves with Jesus, we receive His life and all that is His. He grants us extravagant gifts that we can freely give to others.

Anger and humility work in opposition to each other. We must choose the way of humility and we do this by submitting to God. We choose not to view people through our pride (our personal standard of right and wrong), but we see people through the grace that God has given to us. As we see ourselves as recipients of His grace (thereby dependent upon Him), we will respond in humility toward others who need the same grace we have received.


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