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Day 30: Meditations in Anger, Patience, and Peace

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Jealousy. Do we struggle with others being blessed? Can we identify with the statement, "Every time a friend succeeds, something inside me dies?"

Proverbs 27:4 "Wrath is cruel, anger is overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy?" Wrath, anger, and jealousy are all linked and are all destructive to ourselves and those around us. We are all guilty of jealousy because we continually crave what someone else has or what we think they have. We crave their possessions, positions, recognitions, relationships, looks, personality, etc. We convince ourselves that we deserve what they have. We maliciously desire that we have what they have and that they not have what they have. Jealousy is wicked, multi-faceted, and unsatisfied. Welch describes jealousy as lethal. Jealousy is a primary motivator behind acts of violence and attitudes of hate. Jealousy has caused the death of the body, and always kills the soul (Job 5:2; Proverbs 14:30).

Welch further describes jealousy as including the "I WANT!" of all anger, but it is also about ownership and possession. It says, "I DESERVE this. It is rightly "MINE." Jealousy wants for itself and stands against those who possess what we want.

An interesting twist of jealousy is seen in anger that if it cannot get what it wants, then it seeks to destroy or ruin the thing that is craved so that no one can possess it. Jealousy is a disease that destroys, controls, and blinds us with fury. In the end, jealousy destroys us. Jealousy and anger are closely linked; where one is the other is close by.

Jealousy must be dealt with swiftly and thoroughly. It is like a vine that will spread quickly and kill anything that it attaches itself to. Left to itself it will result in anger, wrath, bitterness, envy, brawling, addictions, broken relationships, malice, unforgiveness, disagreements, discontentment, and more.

Jealousy is most importantly a statement against God. We are refusing to trust His provision for us. We are looking at others and what they have rather than looking to God and rejoicing in the goodness He has brought into our lives. Jealousy is an attack on God and a sin against God.

Jealousy must begin with confession to God and repentance, turning from our ruling, sinful desires. It is rooted out of our heart as we trust God and choose to be content with what He has given to us.


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