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Day 7: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

RUN toward Wisdom! We are seeking to run from anger, but we need to run towards wisdom; anger's opposite way of thinking and acting. Within wisdom we will find patience, peace, humility, self-control and other works of the Spirit. Wisdom is identified as the person of Jesus (1 Corinthians 1:31) and He alone is able to rescue us from our heart of anger.

One of the most difficult things about turning from anger to wisdom, is our own pride. We do not want to admit our anger, so we will not seek wisdom. Anger seeks control, but in yielding to Christ, we surrender our control. Anger is entitled to its full expression, but in wisdom we must yield our rights. The things that lead to anger keep us from the rescue we so desperately need. Let's look at two of these necessary actions.

Humility. This requires seeing ourselves as God sees us. It requires stepping down from the judges bench as we cease condemning those around us. Humility is hard because we feel that we will be mistreated, while having to turn the other cheek. Humility is not silent or passive. It is the foundation for all wisdom. We must humble ourselves and listen to wisdom while trusting God to be true to His promises. Humility is ultimately yielding to God and trusting Him to lift us up as He promises.

Service. Jesus is the primary example of servitude. Jesus did not seek to defend Himself, but rather He sought to glorify God by serving those around Him. This is not a service motivated by manipulation to get what we want from the other person, but service that is rooted first in love for God and then love for the other person. Servants of Jesus will serve others. If we are not serving others, then we are not servants of Jesus (John 13:13-14).

It is not enough to strive to stop being angry. We need to engage with others in humility and service at the very least. Are we willing to humble ourselves and serve others? This cannot be done in anger, but can be done by the empowering Spirit within us.

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