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Day 2: Meditations on Anger, Patience, and Peace

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Reasons. If you recognize your anger or even wonder if you have a problem with anger, but trust one who has told you that you do struggle with anger, what is your reason for wanting to address or change your anger? The reason we choose will impact the heart change that is needed to bring glory to God. If the change is anything less than God's work of grace in us leading us to genuine sorrow and repentance, we will end up exchanging our sin of anger for a different sin (bitterness, envy, pride, etc.).

Proverbs speaks to anger often and presents us with the choice between the path of wisdom or folly. Wisdom has life and honor along the path - growing relationships, good reputation, insight, etc. Folly is likened to death. It separates and breaks down relationships and leads to misery eventually in every area of life. When we live in our anger we are choosing to walk the path of folly.

Folly comes naturally, while wisdom takes discipline and denial. There are many who are unwilling to put the effort (under the leading and enabling power of the Spirit through the Word of God) into real, lasting change from within. Are we willing to do the work required for the change that God desires for us?


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